About Us & Our Mission

About us

At Shared Smiles, we're united in our mission to address the mental health crisis through the power of community. As a registered South African nonprofit organization, we leverage the collective expertise of a global team, from psychometricians to programmers, all dedicated to fostering well-being and offering support. Our efforts span from providing self-help groups and free educational resources to connecting individuals with affordable psychotherapy worldwide.


We envision a future where happiness and mental well-being are accessible to everyone.


Our mission is threefold:

  • Provide Self-Help Groups: Creating safe spaces for individuals to share experiences and find strength in community.
  • Provide Free Education: Offering accessible resources to empower and educate on mental health and well-being.
  • Connect to Quality, Affordable Psychotherapy Globally: Bridging the gap to high-quality, cost-effective psychotherapeutic services for those in need around the world.

Our Nonprofit

Rooted in South Africa (registration #2023/186050/08), Shared Smiles extends its impact globally, driven by a commitment to local and international communities alike. Our foundation in South Africa inspires our work, reminding us of the universal need for compassion and support in the journey toward mental well-being.

Team Behind Shared Smiles

Behind Shared Smiles is an interdisciplinary team of psychometricians, coaches, psychotherapists, designers, and programmers. This diverse group brings together a wide range of skills and perspectives.