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SDGs Ethical Values Test

The 16 SDGs Ethical Values Test is designed to gauge your perspectives and priorities regarding key global challenges.

The framework is based on The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and consists of 16 ethical values grouped in the following categories:

  • Planet
  • Human condition
  • Equality and diversity
  • Law and democracy

🧠 Why Take the 16 SDGs Ethical Values Test?

  • 🌟 Self-awareness: The test helps individuals understand their perspectives and priorities regarding key global challenges, promoting a deeper awareness of personal values in relation to sustainability and ethics.

  • 🚀 Guidance for Action: Understanding one's ethical values can inform decisions related to social, environmental, and governance issues, helping individuals align their actions with global sustainability goals.

  • 💞 Problem-solving and Decision-making: Insights from this test can enhance decision-making processes by aligning personal values with ethical actions, especially in professional and community roles.

  • 🧭 Personal Development: This assessment serves as a tool for personal growth, highlighting areas for ethical development and guiding efforts towards more sustainable and equitable practices.

  • 🥳 Intellectual Curiosity: Participants often find the exploration of ethical values engaging and enlightening, providing a platform to reflect on their role in addressing global challenges.

💡 How Does the 16 SDGs Ethical Values Test Work?

The test is based on The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and assesses individual perspectives on 16 ethical values categorized into four groups: Planet, Human Condition, Equality and Diversity, and Law and Democracy.

🧠 What Do 16 SDGs Ethical Values Test Results Signify?

The results provide insights into an individual's ethical alignment with each of the four categories, offering a nuanced view of how they prioritize different aspects of global challenges. These insights can help individuals understand their strengths and areas for growth in their ethical perspectives.